Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 4: Learning a foreign language

What class time is Mr. Lam looking for?

early evening

Are there well-qualified teachers at Academy of Language?


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Welcome to Our ClassDOAN KET HIGH SCHOOLClass: 9A4Teacher: Huynh Tan Anh PhuongLet s Sing a Song!,Unit 4: LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGEIV. READFriday, November 14th, 2008Unit 4:LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGEIV.Read 1. What class time is Mr. Lam looking for?-early evening2. Are there well-qualified teachers at Academy of Language?-Yes, there are. be’ginner classlớp sơ cấp. inter’mediate classlớp trung cấp. ad’vanced classlớp cao cấp4. tu’ition (n)dạy kèm, học nhómtrường chuyên5.a’cademy6 . well-qualified teachergv có trình độ cao2. ‘levels (n)NEW WORDS1. adver’tisement (n)→ ‘advertise (v) /a I //æ// I //ə/ /æ//ə/ 3. ‘council (n) mẫu quảng cáoquảng cáo/a I /hội đồng/au/Mr. LamStudy English? NotesEnglish class- early evening- intermediate level- starting late October / early NovemberFOREIGN LANGUAGECOUNCILCourses start on 3rd of November.G/F, 12 Nam Trang StreetStudy English, French or Chinese in the morning & evening.Places available in beginner and intermediate classes.TuitionWe are at 108 Trang Thi Street.If you want to improve your English, we can help you.Our teacher offer you afternoon, evening and weekend classes for those new to English.Come and see us at the New English Institute today.Academy of LanguageWhy not learn to speak a foreign language with others? We have well-qualified teachers. Classes in the morning, afternoon and eveningCourses begin first week of NovemberPhone 8278787 for more information.TRUE OR FALSEQUESTIONSANSWERMr. Lam wants to learn Japanese.You can study English, French or Chinese at the Foreign Language Council. You can study English at the New English Institute in the morning.There are well-qualified teachers at Academy of Language.Mr. Lam wants to attend the advanced English class.FTFTF????? Academy of LanguageForeign Language CouncilNew English InstituteClass timemorning afternoon eveningothers  Language Levelbeginner intermediate  advanced  Time to start4th week of Oct.   1st week of Nov.  today  ?XXXXXXXXXXXXXweekend Academy of LanguageForeign Language CouncilNew English InstituteClass timemorningXX afternoonX XeveningXXXothers  weekendLanguage Levelbeginner XXintermediate X advancedX  Time to start4th week of Oct.   1st week of Nov. XX today  X Notes English class-early evening-intermediate level-starting late October / early November?Foreign Language CouncilMiss Lien works for a (1) __________ Bank in HCM City. She learnt English at school and at University. But she’s forgotten a lot of it. She wants to (2) ____________ her writing skills because sometimes she has to write letters (3) ____________ English. Besides listening is also her biggest problem. People talk very quickly and she can’t understand them. She wants to talk to people (4)____________ all over the world and she wants to understand the words of her favorite songs.Miss Lien wants to (5)____________ an English course after work. She reads some (6) ______________ to find information about the courses to find a suitable class for her. In each Foreign Language Center, there are beginner classes, intermediate classes and advanced classes. There are well- (7) ____________ teachers to help her improve her English. If she needs (8) ____________, their teachers can help you.Fill in each blank with an appropriate word from the box.advertisementstuitionfromattendtoinimprovequalifiedNationalUniversityDISCUSSION1. Do you like learning English? 2. Have you ever learnt tuition?3. How do you improve your English?4. Have you ever gone to English class after school?5. When do you have English class? 6. What do you think about speaking English with foreigners?HOMEWORKGOOD LUCK! Learn by heart new words Practice speaking English about Studying English Prepare: WRITE (page 37)THANK YOU!SEE YOU LATER!

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