Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 6: An excursion

:Ngày nghỉ

:Hang động

:Sự hình thành

:Cho rằng, nghĩ rằng

:Thay vì

:Lửa trại

:Sự cho phép

:Thuyết phục


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Welcome all teachers and studentsdesigned :Tran Thi Hong QuyenWARM- UP ACTIVITIES:rules of the game:*work in 2 groups A and B*choose animals you like*look at pictures*call out the name of sight seeingsLion – Ha long bayTiger – One pilar pagodaDog – Huong pagodaCat – Nha Trang beachMonkey – Ben Thanh marketUnit 6: An excursion P1ReadingNEW WORDS 1.Days off (n) 2. cave (n) 3. formation (n) 4. suppose (v) 5. instead (av) 6. campfire (n) 7. permission (n) 8. persuade (n):Ngày nghỉ:Hang động:Sự hình thành:Cho rằng, nghĩ rằng:Thay vì:Lửa trại:Sự cho phép:Thuyết phục 	WHILE YOU READ.TASK 1: Choose the best answers1. Lan wrote the letter to...2. the students decided to go on an excursion because they.3. the students have changed their destination as. CDAI am writing to tell you a piece of new: the first term is coming to an end and my school is going to have some days off. On this occasion my class is visiting some caves near Hanoi as we have recently studied rock formation. Besides, many of us have never been inside a cave, so I suppose the trip will be very interesting.However, only today have we learnt that the caves near Thay pagoda are closed until after Tet. So we are visiting the ones near Huong pagoda instead.To make the trip cheap, we are bring our own food and sharing buses with some other classes.The only problem I seem to have is getting my parents’ permission. They may not want to let me stay the night away from home. I’ll try to persuade them 1.When are Lan and her classmates going on a trip?2. Why are they visiting some caves3. How far is Thay pagoda from their school?4. What are the students’ plan for their trip to Huong pagoda?5. What is Lan anxious about? why?TASK 2: answers questionsWhen they finish their first termBecause they have recently studied rock formation and many of them have never been Inside a caveIt is about 20kmThey are bringing their own food and sharing buseswith some other classesShe is anxious about getting her parents’ permission. Because they don’t want to let her stay the night away from homeAFTER YOU READLAN’S EXCURSIONBUSFOODHUONG PAGODACAMPFIREROCKSCAVESThank you for your listeningANY COMMENTS ARE WELCOME TO:Email: hoacomay_10484@yahoo.comMobile phone: 0987899679

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