Bài giảng Tiếng Anh - Unit 6: After school

Listen. Then practice with a partner

New words:

Relax (v) :

Thư giãn

Practice (v):

Luyện tập


Cùng nhau


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Welcome to class 7Check-upChoose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences.2. What you usually do in your free time?A. is playing B. are playC. is play D. am playing 1. Nam catch in the school yard.A. did A. doA. does D. are 3. We often marbles in our free time.A. playedA. playingA. playsD. playLook at the pictures and guess the names of these activities.Warm-up 1. play soccer/footballThe names of the activities 2. play computer games 3. play volleyball 4. swim 5. play the guitar 6. watch TVA: What are they doing now?B2: They are playing volleyball.B1: They are playing soccer/football.Look at the pictures to ask and answer:A: What is he doing now?B1: He is playing video games.B2: He is playing the guitar.Look at the pictures to ask and answer:A: What are they doing now?B1: They are swimming in the pool.B2: They are watching TV.Look at the pictures to ask and answer:Period 31 Monday, November 1sh 2008Unit 6. AFTER SCHOOLSECTION A: WHAT DO YOU DO?LESSON :	 A1WHAT DO YOU DO AFTER SCHOOL?Listen. Then practice with a partnera) Listen:b) New words: Relax (v) : Good idea: Practice (v): Invite (v): Together(adv): Team (n): Player (n) : Maybe (adv):Period 31 Monday, November 10th 2008Unit 6. AFTER SCHOOLSECTION A: WHAT DO YOU DO?LESSON :	 A11. Listen. Then practice with a partnerThư giãnMờiÝ kiến hay đấyCùng nhauLuyện tậpCầu thủCó lẽĐộiPeriod 31 Monday, November 10th 2008Unit 6. AFTER SCHOOLSECTION A: WHAT DO YOU DO?LESSON :	 A11. Listen. Then practice with a partnerc) Grammar: S + SHOULD + V(infinitive)Ex: You should relax .	LET’S + V(infinitive)Ex: Let’s go to the movie. WHY DON’T YOU + V(infinitive) ?Ex: Why don’t you go to the movie?A. True - False statementsGUESSINGANSWERa.Hoa is doing her math homework.b.Minh meets Hoa on saturday.c.Ba is in the living room.d.Hoa likes playing volleyball.e.Minh never meets friends after school.f.Ba is playing volleyball with friends.TTFTFF2. Exercises:Correct the false statementsc. Ba is in the living room.e. Minh never meets friends after school.f. Ba is playing volleyball with friends.a-> Ba is in the music room.-> Minh usually meets friends after school.-> Ba is learning to play the guitar.a. What is Hoa doing? She is doing her math homework.B. Answer:b. What are Minh and Hoa going to do?They are going to the cafeteria and get a cold drink.B. Answer: He is in the music room.c. Where is Ba? B. Answer:d. What is he doing?He is learning to play the guitar.B. Answer:e. What does Minh usually do after school?B. Answer:He usually meets his friends.f. What sports does Hoa like playing?B. Answer:She likes playing volleyball.Complete the sumary	Minh meets Hoa at .in the afternoon. Hoa is doing her homework. Minh invites Hoa to go to theand get a cold drink. After school, Ba learns to play the .. and Minh usually meets friends and do .. together. Hoa likes sports very much. She enjoys playinghalf past fourmathcafeteriaguitarhomeworkvolleyballConsolidationConsolidationS + SHOULD + V(infinitive)LET’S + V(infinitive)WHY DON’T YOU + V(infinitive) ?Making suggestions we use:Ex: We should watch movies.Ex: Let’s play volleyball.Ex: Why don’t we go out for a drink.Homework: Learn by hear the words and the structures. Read the dialogue and do the tasks again. Prepare the next period “ Unit 6: A2 (page 61)”.Thanks for your attention to our lesson today.Good bye, see you again!

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